Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 32

New 51 Week Storage Ideas Week Thirty Two

This is for two (2) people so buy according to your family’s size.

Non-food list:

Wheat/grain grinder: 1 at least, even a roller is nice
Cast iron or heavy pan & pot: 1 of each for cooking over campfire or Coleman stove etc.
Grate: One for cooking over a campfire.
Matches: 2 large boxes

Food list:

Wheat berries or flour: 100 pounds, put in food grade buckets. Wheat berries keep longer then flour.
Bouillon beef and chicken: 2 large bags of each if possible to find in bags. This can be used to flavor many things, broth, rice, gravies etc.


Dyrestek (wild meat or poultry) One of my moms Scandinavian recipes, early 1900’s. This may be one you just tuck away for later. Or experiment using meat or poultry you have on hand.

Soak the meat overnight in cold water with a little salt. Make sure the meat is covered with the salt water. Dry with a cloth and then remove the skin.

Brown it in hot oil or fat over medium heat. Pour 3 cups water or milk over, add seasoning you prefer and simmer slowly in a covered pan for 2 hours. Serve this with browned gravy made from butter, flour, broth from meat and some sour cream.


I would like everyone who never has or hasn’t in a long time, to practice cooking over a campfire. Writher you can do this at your home or need to go to elsewhere. Ask someone who lives at a place this is possible, if you can come out and practice building a fire and cooking on it at their place.


Out of small things

We must not become weary of doing good, and we must not become impatient; the changes we seek will come about “in their time.”

Self-improvement may seem a kind of work project, but it is—at heart—a change of heart. When we women struggle to keep up with life—raising children, providing necessities, attending school, dealing with issues of age or ill health—our own spirituality often ends up at the bottom of our long “to do” lists.

By Kathleen H. Hughes
I still have this cold but at least it is better.
Daves meeting was canceled tonight so he got to come home after work.

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