Sunday, October 17, 2021

Those 2 Months went quickly

Wow, does time fly or what? 

Not that we haven't been very busy getting ready for winter. Apples, cherries, and plums had to be picked, garden cleaned out and tilled. Applesauce and sliced canned made, cherries jams, and we are still working on the plums. We made 4 more batches of plum jam yesterday. We also made some plain preserves from them.

I am the ladder holder.

Wood split and put in the lean-to.

Pine tree by the front walk had to be trimmed of dead branches. Then they had to cut up and hauled to the wood pile or burn pile.

Dear hubby has been working on getting lights put up in the barn lean-to.  Motion censer lights for backing in. Also the tarps to go on the front for winter, he made them so they can slide open when needed to get in and out. We still have 1 section to do and a short wall to be put up on the east side to keep the snow out. I have only been a part time go-fer.

Windy day.

Garden fall roto-tilling.
One of the guests trying to see what we're doing inside. Stella, lol
Pillows and things our daughter Co makes.

Grand girl Ky made some of this
Ky in outfit her mom helped her with. Our daughter is a great seamstress.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

August and Still in Smoke.

 Most days we are still in smoke, blessedly some days not All day. A north east wind comes in, in the afternoon and blows some of it back south.

Took a picture last evening of the sun before it went down and the red skies from the smoke.

Dh tilled and mowed in the garden yesterday as it was a cooler day but the heat is gaining again each days. It will be back in the 90's tomorrow.
As you see dry and he stirred up a dirt cloud.

He is getting better from an allergy attack , thank goodness. Was pretty rough for a few days. He got into a major amount of dust cleaning a passed away friends book cases last week and suffered ever since. This didn't help much but at least it was a different kind of dust. 

The raspberry picking has pretty much come to an end but the zucchini and green beans are beginning to take up the slack.

The birds have been getting to the elderberries before they even begin to ripen but we did get some cherries this year.  So far the apples are growing well.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

No Longer Under Fire Warning

 We are no long under a fire level. There is still lots of smoke in the area depending on where the wind is blowing as there are interior fires to the west and that large fire in Oregon is south of us. Also west of us on the other side of Idaho in Montana. So smoke. The road home today.

Just normal work here and also rearranged the living room. The first time in like four years because of how things have gone health wise. Very nice for a change. All vacuumed and cleaned.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Yard Cleaned Up From Tree and Wide Area Fire

It took about 2 weeks to get the wood and branches cleaned up and out of the front yard.  That included days we didn't work on it and Sundays off.

Blessed it hadn't come down on it's own with the rot inside.

Clean up.

The sun in the smoke filled skies. They lowered the danger today back down to level 1.

Friday, July 9, 2021

July some old maples coming down

The Electric company came up on July 1 to take down down of the branches on our 90 year old trees that have been going bad and becoming a danger. Especially going over the electric lines to the house. One is down and many branches on another.

Dave cutting up the down branches and tree.


One of the great grands was here from 1 July to 4 July.

Monday, June 14, 2021

June Wow.

Okay the year is just about half over.

We have to replant some of the garden but the potatoes are doing just fine.

Hubby has been trying to get some of the things he wants to do outside done and that is taking shape little by little. The chicken coop is cleaned again so another item off the to do list.

 Always mowing to do, the 2 front wheels on the riding mower had to be replaced, couldn't keep air in them but for one mowing. Come to find out they were cracked with age. Some of the work like around the creek is hand mowing.

This is pretty much a every morning visitor.

The visiting mules are most always waiting for their treat in the morning. Peach is on the right and won't even look at you until she has her treat. Then she will grace you with eating hers. Stella will grunt and make all kinds of noises at you until she gets hers.

The well equipment had to be replaced, ack, ack, but was and had been giving us fits and trouble for a couple of years or more. We replaced a control but that didn't do it. The well head was 45 years old and the well guy said that was good use.

These 2 were bedded down up by the well house.

This was the inside of the well house.

                            Now the inside. We will wrap the pipe later for winter again.

 The 45 year old well pipe was a glued together mess.

Sunset the other evening.

                                        June daytime moon.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 2021 Garden tilled.

 A son came up on 30 April and helped rototill some and so the garden area we are going to use is ready for planting.

28 April 2021, leaf buds on the lilacs.

30 April 2021 Midway

Barrowing the tiller.

30 April sunset

Our good friend Jim Mc died this afternoon at 4:50 PM. He went peacefully in his sleep.