Thursday, January 26, 2023

Windy and Cold Today With a Big Cold Front Coming In this Weekend

 Introducing my new book: Mayhem Meets Sallie

Sallie grew up in a small town in upper Wisconsin. Life could be hard at times but the family did their best in these hard times. Into her life comes a rather good-looking young man. He seems to like her enough for them to date for three years as he attended college. She had dated men a few times before but nothing steady.

Darren Lyle Rhys had caught her eye good. She knew she was madly in love with him. She was in love with him enough to overlook some character flaws. After all, they weren’t that bad. When she should have spoken up about how he thought and what he was doing, she didn’t. After all, what he was doing and saying didn’t matter that much did it?

He seemed to take what she thought less and less important and still she married him, then it got worse. She had even caught him in lies and deceptions. She started to get weird feeling about him and wasn’t so enamored anymore. Now they had married and she needed to stick with him, all married folks had trouble at first. Right!

He came up with a great idea of camping and hiking to be together. It didn’t take long on the first hike for her to realize that something wasn’t right. The trap was set and she fell for it. Now she was sitting in a cage. It was time for her to step up and free herself from the death sentence this had become.

Else were plugging along. Still have the stupid bad cough from being ill. :( I don't go much of anywhere because of it.

This was say a the first week in Jan.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Freezing Fog Burrrr

We have been sitting freezing for for many days, some days all day and some like today where it comes and goes. Some days we can't even see the barn.

The back yard before the frost got heavy.

We're still getting over our colds, dh is ahead of me as I caught it last. We have been trying to get Christmas cards out but with being sick we just started this yesterday. With doing more this morning. We also got behind on chores.

Tuesday job outside. We had 10 inches of snow in the driveway again. He plowed the side yard and is headed for the rest of the long driveway. Bear dog likes the yard plowed much better to run around in instead of through the snow lol.

Monday, December 5, 2022

December News

First I want wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

We have been receiving plenty of snow. Not as much as the northeast of the country but enough for us for this time of year. A total of 37 inches so far. This is the last snow a few days ago. 

Dear hubby plowed last Monday 29 Nov. Pic from 29th.

He has been down with a bad cold but he decided he had to plow this last Saturday 3 Dec. so we could get out if we needed to. It didn't do him any good but we know it was necessary.
He is feeling a bit better today.

I have my new book up on Amazon. Killers and Candle Makers. I hope everyone that likes adventure, some action, and overcoming adversity likes it.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Yes, it's been snowing. Yesterday was snow and fog but soon it was just snow.

Today it was blizzard time. Not the worst we have had but those 55 MPH winds are a killer.

All the poultry are snug in their coops and didn't even attempt to come out when they were being fed and watered.

We canned up the peaches we cut up and froze a couple of months ago and got the dried onions all ground up. A gallon bag of sliced frozen peaches we given away with a few other things from the garden and fruit trees.
We have a few more of the onions to go. The jar on the far left are dried Arminian cukes that we decided to dry.
Plums are in the dehydrator as I put this up.

Trays all filled.

A little something for Thanksgiving or other times.

Sally’s Pumpkin Butter

4 cups cooked and purred pumpkin
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cloves
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3 1/2 -4 cups sugar
You can use apple sauce to make up for whatever you don't have in pumpkin.
Cook on low and I set it on warm over night and then back to low the next day until I am ready to can it, in you crock pot for 24 hours. This makes 5 pints and a dab.
I had 7 cups pumpkin so I took 3 apples and made into apple sauce and added that to make 8 cups.


Thursday, October 20, 2022

Change in the weather

 It was nice while it lasted. Indian fall instead of summer but it was great. Temps. have been in the 60's with 40 deg, F. at night. Not bad at all. The change is starting really Friday with rain on the way in.  Then snow Sat. with the snow level lowering every dat after to our area.

Last minute mowing and so forth going on and then putting away the mower.

We gathered in the garden and picked the fruit that was still ripening. Plums and more raspberries.

The helper

A wagon full of onions, we will lay them out to dry as well. There are 3 different kinds.

We have been working on all the last minute things that have to be finished before any really big snows come.  There are always many of those things to do.

We have have been drying some onions and greens to be made into onion powder.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Been Months Now It's Fall

 I know I haven't written in here for months. Lots going on spring, summer and fall. Still lots to do.

The insulation going up inside the deck room.

We had to redo the roof of the deck room and now that's a done deal. Just like that and there going the money lol. I pushed he pulled.

Caulking along the wall.

Dh finally got our dear friend who passed place cleared out and ready for sale.

I managed to get my book Arizona Tunnel Rats finished.

Dh had cataract surgery in May and I did end of Sept. and beginning of Oct. Good to have those over with. My eyes are still adjusting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

It has been some winter.

 Here we are almost to spring time. I haven't posted in months. Jan. and Feb. were spent with us ill. Hubby for about 1 and a 1/2 weeks and me around 6 weeks. That included pneumonia for me. Yuck! Sure glad that's over.

I really dislike the time change, daylight savings time only makes a difference for 3 weeks. It is not worth it. Really makes a mess of my sleeping, what I get anyway. Doesn't help hubby any either. Maybe by June we will be okay.

We are melting outside during the day which makes a muddy mess everywhere. Then it freezes at night and turns to ice. But we are seeing more and more just plain ground.

There are lots of chores but they need better weather to get those done.

We caught a rainbow one day when it snowed and rained after.