Monday, May 30, 2011

What time off lol

I want to make sure I pay tribute to all those that have fought and are at this time. Bless you for your sacrifice.

This goes out to all, those in our family and to those we have never met. And to the families that have had members who have paid the ultimate price.

I am taking a break for  bit.

Dave is out raking leaves and branches up and taking them to the pile. He finished cleaning the barn  again today and it looks great.
Of course is is sprinkling huge drops of rain out there right now.

I got a double batch of just plain of oatmeal soap made this morning while he was busy in the barn. As I was adding and stirring under the new roof where the summer kitchen is going Lissie dog who was standing beside me took off like a flash for the chicken yard area. I looked up and there was a large coyote about 30 feet from the chicken yard. She chased it off pretty quick.

It took Friday and Saturday to get the summer kitchen roof all decked and then tar papered and so on. It it so nice to have a place to make soap where I won't get rained on at least and away form the little girl. On Saturday we got snowed hailed and rained on. It did finally get to 44 degrees but that wind was very cold.

Today is high 40's and of course rain lol.

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  1. Goodness, I won't complain about our hot weather today if you are still having snow. It sounds like your dog takes her job very seriously!


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