Monday, June 27, 2016

And Back To Summer

We are back to summer temperatures again today. I know it isn't as hot as others get to but mid 80's to low 90's is hot to us up here. The four summers before this one we never reached 90 once. This is more normal. I don't mind the lower temps, when it gets over 80 I feel like I am melting. But most others like it.

On Friday hubby cleaned out the chicken coop and tore out the old floor and began to put the new one in. The chickens didn't like it one bit.

K was pretending she was a chicken. Can you tell it was a cool day?

We have all the Cornish X-Rocks butchered. Very good to have that over and done and them sitting in the freezer.
The neighbor came over to learn and help. His daughter also helped with a couple of the birds, plucking them and gutting one. She figured it was a good time to learn.

I also dunked in boiling water and plucked, grand girl K was here and she ran around taking pictures.
 K's pic's below :)

All in all it was a successful couple of days but tiring. 

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  1. it' always fun (and interesting) when the grand is given the camera!!! :)


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