Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Praying for rain and storage items.

Weather peeps say 50% chance of rain today and 60% tonight, we hope it does rain. It has been a dry winter for us. Not the wet one like was predicted. WE NEED MOISTURE. Our creek is already starting to slow down to almost nothing and that is way too early.

Our building comes in May and hubby has been looking over the blueprints, the end of April will be the time to have good weather as he has to do the footers and other concrete work to have it cure before he starts to build on it.

Here is the link to what they are:

Steel Storage Buildings from Future Buildings  This is more or less what it will looks like inside.

It will be so great to have the tractor inside that instead of in my outdoor kitchen :). Maybe we can get the kitchen finished this summer also when that building is all done.

We also have the kitchen and bathroom floors to do. That means moving everything out of the kitchen and taking out everything in the bathroom as that floor needs lowered. The former people just kept adding layers to the floor. 
(He has been talking about starting these this coming weekend.)

Since the Mission is being postponed as Dh's new calling in the Church takes precedence, we are thinking of getting a couple of steers so we don't run out of meat. Plus I miss having animals, funny huh.

We are talking about going down to lower AZ to visit our daughter, son in law K and the grands, but it will have to wait until he retires in April. We are trying to figure out when to fit it in. We really miss them, as we haven't seen them in over 9 yrs. The grands in Ohio it will be 10 yrs this summer :(. 
We don't even get to see the ones around here as often as we like either. Everyone is sooooo busy, work, sick, activities etc. etc. and thats us also not just them.

Son S and daughter in law Jess bought a travel trailer for going around to the different towns for the kids ball games and etc as last yr they said they spent way too much on motel rooms taking the daughter M to her games and tournaments. I don't blame them one bit. This way they will have it for lots of other things for years to come and it will more than pay for itself.
There will be times that they have all 6 children with them and they will more than need the room.

Forgotten About or Barter Items
This thing is driving me crazy, it just won't go in right :(. Sorry
   1. Candles
     Garden tools 
  1. Fly swatters
  2. Insect repellant
  3. Insect spray
  4. Rat & mouse poison
  5. Rodent traps
  6. Scissors
  7. Needles
  8. Straight pins
  9. Safety pins
  10. Buttons
  11. Thread
  12. Elastic
  13. Material
  14. Dry beans
  15. Rice
  16. Noodles
  17. Flour
  18. Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, sage, parsley etc.
  19. Cooking Oil
  20. Coffee filters (all kinds of uses)
  21. Pepper
  22. Sugar
  23. Salt
  24. Hand crank or manual can openers
  25. Canned food – any type
  26. Wooden, strike anywhere matches
  27. Old newspapers
  28. Wax for fire-starting
  29. Large cotton balls with soaked in petroleum jelly (also for starting fires)
  30. Bleach (or freshly made pool shock)
  31. Baby wipes (Note:  these can be used to clean face, hands, arm pits, groin in case there is no water. If dried out, pour in a cup of water into container)
  32. Cocoa
  33. Baking Soda
  34. Coloring books & crayons
  35. Scrap paper
  36. Pencils
  37. Ballpoint pens
  38. Copy paper
  39. Lined notebook paper
  40. Tooth paste
  41. Toothbrushes
  42. Dental floss
  43. Combs
  44. Hair brushes
  45. Disposable razors
  46. Nail clippers and files
  47. Feminine products
  48. Toilet paper
  49. Hair pins and bands
  50. Batteries all sizes
  51. Matches
  52. Lighters
  53. Aluminum foil
  54. Baggies all sizes
  55. Plastic sheeting
  56. Socks – all sizes & colors
  57. Shoe laces
  58. Reading glasses
  59. Garbage bags (can’t have too many)
  60. Brooms
  61. Dust pans
  62. Clothes pins
  63. Clothes lines
  64. Garbage cans
  65. Dryer Lint (to use as fire starter)
  66. Rope of any type
  67. Honey
  68. Hard candy
  69. Popcorn
  70. Kool-aid
  71. Tang
  72. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin
  73. Children’s pain relievers
  74. Essential oils
  75. Cough syrup and other cold medicines
  76. Vicks vapor rub
  77. Eye drops
  78. Band aids
  79. Laxatives
  80. Lip balm or chapstick
  81. Axes
  82. Saw
  83. Nails, nuts, bolts, & screws
  84. Heirloom garden seeds
  85. Fresh garden produce and herbs
  86. Herb plants
  87. Hand garden tools
  88. Two cycle oil
  89. Automotive oil and air filters
  90. Charcoal
  91. Paperback books, adult and children’s books
  92. Plastic tarps
  93. Duct tape
  94. Homemade laundry detergent recipe and products or store bought
  95. (Fels naphtha bar soap
  96. Washing/laundry soda, for laundry recipe)
  97. Regular soaps of your choice
100. Borax (for cleaning and deters some insects)
101. Oxyclean
102. Potting soil
103. Garden compost
104. Garden fertilizer
105. Plastic tubs & containers, 5 gallon buckets and large flower pots make great growing containers (can be 1 gallon buckets and on up. I.E ice cream buckets even.)

 Add or delete from this list as you need to.

I took out coffee, tobacco, tobacco seeds and things like that.

This mainly comes from this site, I added a few of my own thoughts. They have some great ideas.


  1. Good list. Just remember that tobacco has medicinal uses and isn't just for smoking. The best use of it that I've ever found was as a poultice to draw the venom out of a bunch of yellow jacket stings.

    I wish we had a barn for our big tractor at the BOL. For now however the tractor lives in the garage when not in use. I laugh almost every time I see all of the stuff we have in that garage. Looks silly to see a big Kabota tractor in an attached garage meant for a car. LOL

  2. Yeah :) I know tobacco has medicinal uses to, thank you for reminding me of that. Just not something being LDS that I tend to have around so I don't think about those other uses, lol.


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