Monday, July 18, 2011

Scout Trip, Canning & Crafts

Dave got back safe and sound from his outing with the Exploroer scouts. He had a great time out with the youth as usual. He was very happy to hit a nice hot shower and sleep off the ground. The did plenty of canoeing and hiking.

He started doing e-mails and calling to make sure things are going smoothly for setting up for the Pioneer Day picnic for this coming Saturday.

While he was gone I canned 35 quarts of last years potatoes that were still in great shape and weren't used to plant this years crop.

I also started tracking down everything I would need for the demo's, hands on for people to try and display for the Pioneer Day picnic that is this coming Saturday the 23 of July.

Everyone that wants to will be able to make dipped candles do some drop spindle spinning and hand carding . Plus the knitting board my hubby made us.

Candles made in tomato sauce, spam, tuna fish cans and muffin tin. 

Some of the drop spindles I made a fw years back.

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