Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Night

It is 5:01am Dave just got in from milking. I had been laying awake waiting for the clock to go off at 4:30 am.
I have been awake a lot of the night, right hip decided to hurt and had to keep moving to find other ways to lay. It has been pretty much light since 4.

We seperated the cow and calf last evening with the calf in thelarge part of the barn for a 2 week stay, so we will start milking the cow twice a day from now on.

We have gone from 34 degrees last Thursday to 70 on Saturday and this morning aready it is 52 degrees.

Saturday we were up on the first lean-to putting our white shingles on and the sun was reflecting off of them and boy was it hot up there. Something we diffently are not used to lol.
It took paint thiner to get the tar off our fingers, i was also putting sealent on the edges and managed to get it all over some fingers.

Friday I worked on fire starters for the remainder of our cool weather at night and to have when winter starts again. We will have 456 fire starters if I don't use anymore this spring. But the weather is supposed to cool down again with rain all week again. So we will see.

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