Monday, March 28, 2011

We have it all

Lost all of what I wrote earlier sheesh.

We have had it all alright sun, wind, snow, rain, sleet. I feel like we have had about all the kind of weather early spring can bring.

It is a beautiful morning so far partly sunny. It was 28 when I went out to open the chicken coop. At least the snow and ice are half gone from the back yard and it is much easier to walk up to the coop now.

I got the wood stove going and other morning chores done.

Dave had a check up with the doc. and the doc. found Dave had 3 spots of precancerous cells on Dave shinny head. The doc. froze them and we will keep an eye on what happens from there.

We had a busy weekend, Friday we left around 10 AM after chores to head to town to do business errands, shopping etc etc. We try to get all the errands done we possible can in one trip. We got home around 7 PM.

Saturday we headed up to Spokane before 8 AM got back to the valley and picked Kaylee up at our daughter Terra's house. Then on to the Clarkston chapel to help clean it for Sunday.

Well I guess it is unto the laundry.
I just finished watching or mostly listening to the show on NBC Who do you think you are.

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