Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warm front

We had 13 new inches of snow on Sunday and then yesterday it warmed up to 40 degrees and ended up with over 3 feet of wet cold snow and very slippery out there.
Kathy was headed to work yesterday morning, we had her park her car at the road shop 2 1/2 miles away in Anatone by the state highway.
So anyway she gets in the 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton truck to go to her car, gets part way up the first part of the driveway and the truck slides side ways and she ends up in a snow drift that's to the hood of the truck.
She and I start digging and finally get the snow dug away and get the truck straightened out and she gets on her way.
Took me a few hours to recuperate I tell ya.

I got a batch of marscapone cheese started and some neufchatel later in the day.
I buy the tartaric acid and etc from Leeners.

 A part under the joystick of the tractor broke the other day in the heavy snow, we took it in to get a replacement and they said those never breaks, lol we beg to differ.
So they ordered a new one and who knows when it will be in.
Dave went out to snow blow last night but the snow was to wet and heavy and all it did is shear a pin on it right away so he came back in.
There were inspectors in all day and work he said and he didn't get a thing done at work he needed to. 

Here is what it normally does when it works.

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