Saturday, March 12, 2011

Long Day and hay getting

Dave has been up since a bit after 6 AM and me at 6:30. Dave had a 7:30 AM meeting in Lewiston at 7:30.
I had some computer work to do as far as collecting hints and recipes for another Food Storage Coordinator. She needed some ideas.
I had worked on it for an hour last night and took me another 2 hours this morning to get it finished and sent off for her use.
Also started on something else for Dave and looked up phone numbers and addresses for people that had hay and straw for sale.
Dave got home around 10 AM and Kathy and Kaylee had gotten up shortly before then. I had to tell Kathy she needed to get Kaylee her breakfast because we would have to take Kaylee with us as Kathy would leave for work around 12:30 she had the afternoon and evening shift.
Got ourselves ready to go after doing chores, Dave hooking up the trailer (he dug it out of a snow drift yesterday) and me getting little Kaylee dressed and away we went.
We purchased hay, straw  and some sweet feed for the cow.
Also stopped at Costco for a few things and got lunch there.
We got home at 4:00, I Changed Kaylee and got her down for a quick nap while Dave started unloading the hay and straw. 
Big black clouds were starting to roll in and just started to sprinkle as we were finishing.

Oh by the way teach me to check better, the calf is a heifer lol.

What fence?

A friend loaned us the cd pack of the book The Undaunted by Gerald Lund. A great story. This is the book.

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