Monday, March 14, 2011

Cousins in Japan

I have been able to contact my cousin in Japan and he and family are fine. My first cousin Dennis and part of the family are just north of Tokyo.  Such a relief.
One of my brothers in IL was able to talk with him in the last couple of days and reconnect after many many years.  
My brother Tim and his wife are the ones fighting her brain cancer. 
Sandy goes in for more surgery the 18th of March this coming Friday.
They are trying to make their finances stretch but it is getting harder and harder and he has had to sell his tools, equipment for working on cars and the classic cars he was trying to fix up.
They are trying to hang on as best they can.
Some more wells were tested in there area and they found more of the chemical in the wells. 

It warmed up enough here that it rained most of the night (mid 30's). If this keeps up we should lose our snow this week or most of it. Some of the snow drifts are still quite deep.
But I bet it is a skating rink out there as it is in the 20's outside right now.

5 foot drift in front of the barn, Lizzie's domain.

The old deserted farm next door.

The front side of this house is gone.

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  1. Hi Sally. Praying for your family in Tokyo.


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