Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birds are singing

We got another 2 inches last night but it has melted off today and the other snow that was already on the ground is starting to melt. Slowly each day it isn't as deep as it was the day before.

The birds have been around now about a week, It sure seems strange to hear them out there.

Dave is back safe and sound from western Oregon where he had a meeting on Thursday, he had driven over there on Wednesday.
Then on Friday it was off to Spokane for the day for him.
This morning he had a 7AM meeting at Church, so he has had a very busy late night week.

I have been watching Kaylee quite a bit, she is growing like a weed.

Recipe for coleslaw dressing.(When I was growing up this was used for cucumbers, lettuce you name it.)

Mom's Salad Dressing, double as needed.
1 cup miracle whip
2 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar(or to taste)
salt and pepper.
Mix well

Plus I recommended this Sour Dough Cookery Book.

I have had mine since the 70's and it is very good with great easy
to follow recipes for all kinds of things to make with sour dough.

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  1. Hey, Sarawolf....

    I just ran all the way over here from In All Things Praise the LORD....whew, Cheryl wipes her forehead....that's difficult for an old woman! LOL

    I wanted to see how Sandy's surgery went and also about Dennis. Upon reading *here* I see your family has been in contact with Dennis. Glad he is okay.

    Let us know how Sandy is doing, please.

    Hugs & prayers,


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