Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making head way

Friday was a day of more clean up and make sure everything was tied down good for the landfill run. Plus heading into town for Doctor appointments.
Then some shopping and more work supplies.
At Home Depot we found another oops exterior paint and added that to our collection ($5:00) and a couple other things we had to have.
I have to do the Goodwill stop :).
We now have 4 gallons of exterior paint to mix together and paint the trailer with.
We went to Hay's market in Clarkston and picked up a 10 pound cabbage wowee a big one.
Picked up a quick Taco John's supper and took that along to eat as possible.
We had to pick up our granddaughter Kaylee from daycare and head home.
We had picked up some food from Taco Johns she could eat and some milk from the store part.
We got the baby in and I got her changed while Dave unloaded the truck.
Still had chores that had to be done and Dave did those while I watched the baby.
I was done in.
Saturday Kathy didn't work until the afternoon shift so we were able to get things done out there with out trying to keep baby out of the paint and etc.
We got the small shed tarped and the old camper that needs lots of work. We threw a fogger in because the camper was filled with wasps.

The camper needs both sky lights replaced, some of the floor right inside the door and the lights on the outside.

Then it was time to get the sprayer ready and get the paint mixed.
Oh and I am not in many pictures because I am the go-fer/helper/holder and picture taker.

I had to scrape and sweep the layer of mud off the front of the trailer so Dave could paint it. There were still some good sized giant mud puddles we couldn't avoid on the way up to the National Forest where we had a wood cutting permit.
We got the paint sprayer on sale a couple years ago when we had to paint the barn.
The barn hadn't been painted in we don't kow how many decades and it was showing it big time.
Talk about a time and worker saver.

We were glad we got to paint it before any more rain came in.
And of course by the time we were finished it was turning cool and it was time for regular chores again.
We got the old caulking off from around the bath tub, time fore it to be re-caulked.
Only problem is it is the only bathroom we have. We might have to sponge bath it for a couple days after we caulk it to make sure it is good and dry.
I am sure that will go over like a lead balloon with our daughter lol.We tried that roll on caulk the last time.  Forget that stuff it doesn't last long at all.
We found a light yellow paint for it also in the oops section.

Dave was going to paint it but our daughter spent 3 hours in the bathroom getting ready for work.
So I guess that will have to wait for another day.Our bathroom is a one person bathroom, it is the length of the tub and then 3-4 feet if that to the next wall and has to have the sink and toilet in that space. One can almost do everything at one time in there lol.

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