Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's cold outside campers

I took a look at the gauge it was 36 degrees at 5 AM..
We were supposed to get frost last night and I bet we did.
We pulled the turnips last night and brought in the pumpkins that were pretty much turned and I covered the tomatoes. Hope that saved them.
Dave couldn't sleep after about 4 so he got up and went into work by 4:35 am and I have been up ever since also lol.
I will most likely crash later. 
I am about ready to go out and open the chicken coop for the day, I was just waiting for it to warm up some first.
I got a fire going in the wood stove about an hour ago.
All Right; stove is reloaded with wood and the coop is open; I also started a load of clothes washing.
Modern conveniences are so nice, we don't have to wash by hand and on a washboard. But I do have a washboard just in case. 
They have pail sized ones also.
I need to do more canning today; I haven't been up to getting that done since doing the pickles.
One reason is Kathy came down with the flu Monday. (People at her work place are passing it around). I thought OH NO not already.
I took care of Kaylee Monday and half of Tuesday and was pooped out. 
Then Kaylee came down with it yesterday afternoon and poor baby was miserable. 
So we will see how today goes as Kathy has today off work; she was lucky Tuesday was her day off to but who likes to be sick on their days off?

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