Thursday, October 14, 2010

Done deal

Well the wood cutting in the mountains is done.  
We got home by 3:00 and had the wood pushed and thrown off the trailer a few minutes later. Sure takes a short time to get it off and lots of time to get it loaded.
Unloaded the truck and showered; then got work clothes into the washer.
We got the normal chores done ate some dinner and then loaded the truck for going to the land fill tomorrow morning.

All that's left it to get the wood split we need for winter this year. No small feat.
Dave wasn't feeling well most of the year and we switched him to a new high blood pressure med and he is doing MUCH better. 
But because he wasn't feeling well he wasn't up to splitting wood and now it has to be done.

Here are pictures of a cow, far away and then zoomed in.

Can you spot the cow on the ridge?

Now this is a series of pictures for the road we call Rattle Snake Grade.

Lizzie dog sight seeing.

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