Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow its August

It didn't take long too get to August, bam.
We were hoping for more rain last week but only got a few sprinkles. There is another chance for rain tonight and tomorrow, 40%.
I got some apple jelly made last week and need to start on apricots tomorrow. We picked up 18 lbs of apricots for $4.00. this past Saturday. So they will become jam. I will wash,sort, take out the pits and throw them in a blender to puree. And make that into jam. I have done it that way for well over 30 years.
We also picked up 20 pounds of peaches, they weren't as good a price but they will sure be good jam etc. At least they can wait a few days.
I caught a brown eagle peaking out from the top of a tall pine tree on Thursday. I was about to get another picture as it flew off but a car came along and I was standing in the middle of the road. So I missed his take off.

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