Monday, August 30, 2010

Still dry

It is official wood stove burning season at our house as of two days ago. It started off again today a bright cool 42 degree day, and we are supposed to have a high of 59 today with a slight possibility of rain. We really need some of that wet stuff. The whole area is in high fire danger. 
There were two fires 2 hours north of us last Thursday that closed state road 195 to Moscow. So we are hoping for rain in the next couple of days while there is a chance of it. All the way up to 70% chance tomorrow.
I am still working on the peach jam, I didn't get it finished last week.
I am moving slow this morning that doesn't help me get things done lol.
Oh last Friday morning Mr. borrowed bull decided to go on walk about. A neighbor that lives like 3 miles up the road was going to the post office for his mail and called here to tell us that Mr. Bull was 2 miles up the road. (We don't have mail delivery out here.) The other bull is visiting the neighbor cows.
So its off we go to find him. He had jumped into a field and was close to the road. Dave walked him to a place where we could get him back on the road and started to walk him back to our place while I took the truck and ran home to open the back field gate. Then back to Dave and bull to be able to help control where the bull went. Long story short we got him back in mostly I think because he was thirsty and went straight for the pond.
Well I best get my rear in gear.

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