Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy week last week

Was some past week.
We got quite a bit done around the place. Mowed, weed eated (lots of weed eating), most of the logs moved from the back yard. Dave tilled the garden areas that needed it.
We have to water the garden at only 20 minutes at a time or we run the pressure tank dry but we got that done to.
We babysat Kaylee on Saturday and that makes things interesting getting things done :).

I cut the tarragon and it's washed and drying. Dave accidentally cut the Greek Oregano with the mower so that will wait till it grows again lol.

I picked up a book on making paper but I while have to wait for fall to try that. Papermaking Techniques Book: Over 50 techniques for making and embellishing handmade paper
I love learning and trying new things.

The turkeys are growing well and now run out to the fence when you come out side to see what you are bringing them.

 The turkeys won't play with me guess I will take a nap.

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