Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pens and garden ready

Just click on the pictures to see them bigger, one went behind but you can click on it to see it.

We got the x-rock and separate turkey outside pens all finished today and ready for them. We will put them in their new pens tomorrow Wed. 2ed of June. We put field fencing around the pens and chicken netting and plastic fencing on top t o keep the hawks, eagles and owls away from them.

Now if the bears will stay away we will be just fine.

Dave did the 2ed tilling on the garden this morning and it is all ready for planting. Since I didn't know when we would get to plant, I didn't get the potatoes cut up until today. They will need to dry now for a couple of days and then can be planted yippee.

June 2, We put a tarp over the pen and we were going to bring the x-rocks down but its been just pouring all morning in the 40's and so haven't.

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