Monday, May 3, 2010


A new storm came in during the night after a nice Sunday with a high of 50 for a short time. With the new storm front came high winds. We have snow/rain coming in for the next 4 days.

Got up to find a tall tree lying across 2 of our fences behind the chicken coop which is behind the house. Took out field fencing and the chicken fence at the back of the chicken yard.

To top it off we left both chain saws at sons house to finish up his tree problem. Soooooo we wil have to get at least one back lol.

The Cornish x-rock chicks and turkeys are doing just fine in their pen in the barn.

Spring the cow and the 2 bulls were hanging out in the barn this morning staying out of the rain and wind.

I have extra water and drinks made etc in case the electricity goes out in these high winds. I can cook on the wood stove so that's no problem.

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