Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting ready for chicks

Dave is up making sure the chick pen in the barn is ready for the new 50 x-rock chicks that will be here the 29th of April. The 10 turkey chicks will be in a week later. We are raising them all for our son DJ, friend Brain and wife and us.

The x-rocks will be butchered in 8 weeks give or take and will be 5 to 8 lbs by that time, they are the best chicken we have ever had. The turkeys will be ready in the fall.

I did end up coming down with what the rest of the family had, really bad colds. Aren't I the lucky one. Guess I should have known I wouldn't get away with not catching it. Dave has been feeling much better this week.

Here is our 2008 batch of turkeys. The poor geese George and Gracie thought the turkeys were theirs.

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