Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Foggy day

It is a foggy/rainy cool day here.

Well I am still getting over my cold. Dave is pretty well over his and getting back his energy, which is great.

We have the loft area cleaned up and things transferred to the front of the loft above the living room where we laid the OSB. I have been taking my sewing baskets and other things up there after I washed the rug I crocheted ( 5 by 7 ) and laid it back down. It is getting done slowly during the week as able while I am babysitting little Kaylee.

The bull we rented is a 2 year old Charolais and I got a call before 6 am this morning saying he has to trade bulls. lol Our cow Spring just wouldn't get inseminated he tried 3 times. So it was on to rent a bull from him. Just hope she likes the new bull, keep your fingers crossed.

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