Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's been a waking dead morning today it always is when I am on the chelation drugs. They really do a number on me. I have the outside chores done, that wind is really cold.

And I still have the 2 fruit trees we bought and have to wait to plant to drag out of the garage. The laundry is going, daughter Kathy is off to work and Kaylee to day care.

I haven't seen or heard the wild turkeys yet this morning but they are usually around here some where. This is one of their run through's to look and see if we dropped any grain lol.
I was just out there and the wild turkeys are running in front of Spring our cow, all single file, looked so funny.

Bert the Peacock isn't about right now but this is where he usually is, sitting on the back gate.

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