Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home again

Cool snowy day today but I have a nice fire going and the house is warm.

We left yesterday morning an hour later then we had wanted to, but were to David's by like 10:05 AM. We brought him a bunch of eggs which he and the kids really enjoy and we got to hauling the chain saws and etc out to the tree area. And of course the wind was blowing and gusting pretty darn good. The rain off and on didn't bother things to much.

All in all it took about 6 hours and only one mishap when the rope came untied that David Jr was pulling on and the roof got dented a bit and a small hole in the side of his house.

Almost had 2 mishaps when the chain saw caught in Dave's jeans, he admitted he was tired else that wouldn't have happened. Only ripped his jeans thank goodness.

David fed us a good lunch of beef dipped sandwiches. The 2 children were coming with us and we were dropping them off in Clarkston WA in a meet up with their other grandparents that were driving down from North Idaho.

It's spring break for the children and that made things easier for David.

We were home by 7:45 and got right out to get the farm chores done, unpack some of the car and relax for a bit before bed. Dave gets up at 4:20 to milk and get ready for work. I pack his lunch the night before to make things easier on both of us.

Dave called David and everything on the house was all repaired, he is good.
Plus I figured out why the tendinitis is acting up in my right elbow and in my shoulder, pulling on ropes helping the tree limbs go where we wanted them.

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