Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The growing family

I want to introduce myself and our family in these early pictures. These were taken in the 1980's. The first on the left was taken in IL. visiting a friend we lived in Iowa, the second when we lived in VA.

We have 10 children and 20 some grandchildren now and growing.

My husband and I are homesteading along with him still working down in the Lewiston Valley.

I write, do family history, spin wool, quilt, sew, bead, make cheese, butter etc, we tan hides and many other crafts.


  1. I love the pics of the kids! You are so very industrious and talented.

  2. We are worn out just thinking about what you do in your day! Life in Wisconsin is easier even though we are raising our grandson. He had all 4 Wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and is doing well. Since they were just coming in and were crooked they had to be removed. Oh to be 17 again!! We have rain/fog here and the temperature is supposed to be in the 50's all week. The snow is melting fast and we're happy to see the grass again!
    Cousin Gordy


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