Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Day

Well I got the seeds planted inside to start them. I did some 4th of July tomatoes, herb seeds like cumin, caraway and some chives to. My chives didn't come back up last year in the garden.

The milking is done (we have one Jersey cow) and the eggs collected for the day from the chickens. I got 3 eggs from Gracie the goose, if she builds a nest by the house she will sit on the egg until we put her and George away for the night. We have to put them away at night so the raccoons, Bobcats, Mt lion or Coyotes won't get them in the night. At east at this time of year we don't have to worry about bears. She will not sit on her eggs in her nice straw nest in their pen, crazy goose.

We were having some snow flurries as I was coming back from the barn.

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