Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't hurt so much today.

My arm is better but I know not to over do today. (I hope)

The sun is shining on us right now but there is supposed to be another snow storm moving in later.

Ice and snow out there this morning but it is already up to 32 :).

I need to run out and get some Yak burger or something out of the freezer. I forgot to get it before I came in from doing morning chores.

We butchered our last Yak last fall, well she was half Yak and half Jersey cow. Did that work in the garage on a table Dave built. David came over and helped and even the kids joined in learning what to do. We did the bull the year before and there isn't much meat left from him. So the only big animal we have is the cow. And she is just for milk. lol

Yaks are just to rambunctious for us and ornery, the bulls anyway. And smart ye gads they are like kids what one doesn't think of the other will. We sold the breeding pair to a place in Eastern WA that uses them for show animals and can let people brush them especially the female Lulu. If the bull Takota sees a brush he wants all the attention. He insists upon it. We heard they are doing great. We do miss them they were just beautiful.

Tying to decide just what I can get done here today, I think i will wrap the caramel soap I made a couple months ago as one the must get dones.

And of course with the little cookie crumer around I will vacuum again today. I will wait until she and her mom leave for the day. Little Kaylee doesnt like the vacuum, she runs screaming from it.

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