Sunday, February 26, 2017

More Snow

Hello everyone,

Another snowy day here. Son D and his teen daughter MJ were here since Friday night. He figured this morning he best head home around 9:30 before the snow got to bad up here and on the passes that he has to cross on the way home.
He took home 4 one year old chickens as a dog had gotten into his, he has now buried wire so dogs can't dig into it anymore. So much for the leash laws where he lives. They let them run wild in the evenings there.
It looks like we may be over the hump of that nasty cold we both had. Mine always lasts longer.

Daughter T's hubby has the flu now caught it from her hubby. He works at the wood mill in the valley. I was hoping the flu had run its course down there but it looks like it hasn't.
I know they closed down a whole school district up by Spokane WA because of it.

I had to make some more fire starters last week as we finally ran out of last years. Just break a egg holder off :). So 252 ones to break off when I was done. All that was needed for this was old egg cartons, pine shavings and old wax candles we pick up at 2ed hand stores. 
Stuff, melt and pour in about 2 tablespoons of wax over the pine shavings. Cool.

I have taken up my hand at Naalbinding again. It is a hard one with stiff fingers but I had forgotten how to do it and I like to know how to do more things and hate forgetting how to do them. Boy was I rusty.

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