Friday, January 6, 2017

High Winds Again

We are having high winds again today with drifting snow. Never good going into the weekend lol as the county doesn't plow on weekends or holidays. They should today thank goodness so that should help some.

These were this past Sunday pictures. Someone with a truck plow went through the drifts so we had at least one lane open.


Dear hubby says he is starting to run out of places to put the snow.

I am still having that ear problem and dizziness so I haven't been driving anywhere myself.

I have been writing a bit on a new book on the days I feel a bit better. An idea popped in for another one so I started writing it down so I wouldn't forget about it. :)

Sorry I haven't put up any recipes in a while between the holidays and not feeling well it has all had me on slow motion.

Oh, a present from a friend was an emergency blanket and some matches taped onto a small nice smelling candle with it's own holder jar. Nice gift, one for me and one for hubby.

Things like this can come in handy at the oddest times. I think they will be a good idea to stick in the car kit. Don't forget to look over your car or truck emergency kits for winter.

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