Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lilli got her summer hair cut.

With the weather starting to warm up Lilli was just way to hot. She also needed a good cleaning after the winter. her undercoat was just too thick. She is now wearing one of my t-shirts as it was a cool day again here today. But she just loved being free of all that hair. She was acting a lot sprier. The first pic is from this last Feb.

I did get a couple of pictures of the blooming trees. Magnolias.

Took this one on the way home last night.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Raining on our parade

We have been trying to get back outside to work. We have had tons and tons of rain and it has pretty well taken care of the snow. We did manage to get 2 of our scrap piles mostly burned.
First DH had to divine where our wiring went to the well house to make sure the one pile wasn't over them. This works very well for wire, pipes and anything buried in the ground in a straight line. This was 2 weeks ago. Now the only snow is in the higher drifts, under the tree line and above us at about 4,500 feet.

We can't start the fence work until the ground hardens up. No way to tighten the field fences. So that will have to wait.

We did pick up the meat birds, some belong to the neighbor and we will raise then here with ours, 5 turkeys bought 3 and 2 were free as they were getting to big. We also picked up a dozen Jersey Giant chickens. The Jersey's are supposed to lay dark chocolate brown eggs.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back to work outside.

With the nicer weather it's back outside for us to get some work done. So this is just the beginning of all that has to be done including finding out what is wrong with our farm truck.

Dh drug the rest of the snow bank away from the front of the garage.

This was us on the 2ed of April, snow. We found that the back fencing is broken and squshed. 

We have most things moved in the kitchen lean to so it's about time to fire up the wood cookstove and do some more cooking in it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lots of Melting-Spring was flipped on

W have been melting big time for a week. We have lost over four foot of snow. Just really drifts and piled up snow now.

 Dave cleared out the drift in front of the right lean-to.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

More Snow

Hello everyone,

Another snowy day here. Son D and his teen daughter MJ were here since Friday night. He figured this morning he best head home around 9:30 before the snow got to bad up here and on the passes that he has to cross on the way home.
He took home 4 one year old chickens as a dog had gotten into his, he has now buried wire so dogs can't dig into it anymore. So much for the leash laws where he lives. They let them run wild in the evenings there.
It looks like we may be over the hump of that nasty cold we both had. Mine always lasts longer.

Daughter T's hubby has the flu now caught it from her hubby. He works at the wood mill in the valley. I was hoping the flu had run its course down there but it looks like it hasn't.
I know they closed down a whole school district up by Spokane WA because of it.

I had to make some more fire starters last week as we finally ran out of last years. Just break a egg holder off :). So 252 ones to break off when I was done. All that was needed for this was old egg cartons, pine shavings and old wax candles we pick up at 2ed hand stores. 
Stuff, melt and pour in about 2 tablespoons of wax over the pine shavings. Cool.

I have taken up my hand at Naalbinding again. It is a hard one with stiff fingers but I had forgotten how to do it and I like to know how to do more things and hate forgetting how to do them. Boy was I rusty.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ice, water and snow

With the warm days we have done a whole lot of melting. That is an ice field in the lower driveway. Snow melts form above and the snow banks flows down then becomes more ice.
Also supposed to be another warm week to come. But we normally get a warm up at this time of the year. Makes for tons of ice when it freezes at night.

Not much goes on here at this time of year that's for sure.

I am feeling better finally! That inner ear problem was more than a month and a half. I still can't hear real well out of my right ear because of it. Then I caught an awful cold/flu that I still have but is on it's way out.

Lots of the family has had that flu that is roaring through the Lewis/Clark Valley. Never fun.

Well like I said there hasn't been much going on with being ill. So this is short and sweet :).

Monday, January 30, 2017

High Winds 35 MPH and the Snow

The high winds filled the walkways back over this past weekend. So they are being shoveled out again.

Front walkway, have fun getting to the front deck. :)

 Bear eating snow again, he loves it.

 This is the back walkway before shoveling.
Our gate at the front of the driveway. There is a wee bit of snow here.
The woodshed is up there on the right Dave had just shoveled the front out last Friday. On the left is the lean-to no longer in use as after the winds stop it always looks like this, this year.
A good to be up here and anywhere, be prepared :).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Plowing He Will Go

The name of the game is plowing.
 Front of the garage.
 Garage lean-to. No getting in here and dh got tired of digging out the small truck.
 Our front ramp walkway.
Now on top of everything the Farm truck has blow a power steering hose or something. You know the one we use most of the winter to get in and out of here. We hope it is something that easy.

I am still fighting my right ear problem and hoping it heals up soon as I am tired of the dizziness.

Ruby's Time out also now in a better priced paperback.

Ruby's Legacy is now in paperback again with a better price.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Got the Car Chiseled Out

 Yes really, wte went down and Dave chiseled the ice under the car as the char was frozen to the parking lot. Then we shoveled and brought it home. At least for a few days until the next big snow storm is supposed to hit this coming Tuesday.
We have a warm up coming in this coming week as well. We are not looking forward to it as this will mean more ice as night settles in and everything freezes again. Supposed to have 3 or 4 days of it.

Here is the Lewis/Clark Valley with the clouds above it in the distance. Just covers the whole river valley and up to about 2,900 feet with fog. You can't even tell the valley is there.
Not much else going on around here. We are here staying warm. We did the bills this morning, yuck. But as we all know they have to be paid.

Our son Seth is headed to Haiti to help out as he is a nurse and they have to pay their own way. If anyone has a spare $5.00 or more it would really help him.

Friday, January 6, 2017

High Winds Again

We are having high winds again today with drifting snow. Never good going into the weekend lol as the county doesn't plow on weekends or holidays. They should today thank goodness so that should help some.

These were this past Sunday pictures. Someone with a truck plow went through the drifts so we had at least one lane open.


Dear hubby says he is starting to run out of places to put the snow.

I am still having that ear problem and dizziness so I haven't been driving anywhere myself.

I have been writing a bit on a new book on the days I feel a bit better. An idea popped in for another one so I started writing it down so I wouldn't forget about it. :)

Sorry I haven't put up any recipes in a while between the holidays and not feeling well it has all had me on slow motion.

Oh, a present from a friend was an emergency blanket and some matches taped onto a small nice smelling candle with it's own holder jar. Nice gift, one for me and one for hubby.

Things like this can come in handy at the oddest times. I think they will be a good idea to stick in the car kit. Don't forget to look over your car or truck emergency kits for winter.