Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Chickens in the Coop

Yep the chickens have been transferred down to the coop and are even walking out unto the ramp lol. It's a whole new world for them.

We went to the 4th of July breakfast yesterday at the Chapel. It went well and had a very good turn out. Over 100 folks.

Today is busy, we have mowing to do and lots of odds and ends chores.

We just shook out all the rugs and the dog blankets getting ready to wash them. See odd chores alright. They really have to be done after being on the front porch with the dogs for months, yuck. Then sweep. The little chores always get put off when big ones come along.

Here is the spinach I have growing in a large pot on the front deck. It is growing well. Pot gardens do work well for some vegetables.

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  1. :) I managed to get my son to mow for me. lol! I'd do it but he is always borrowing the mower!


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