Friday, April 15, 2016

There Be Daffodils

Its odd for us up here but the daffodils bloomed out a week ago. This is the earliest we have had them in the whole 12 years we have been up here.

Our neighbor M came over Tuesday and he and hubby built a new back gate up by the coop. We had just field fencing up there when the old gate finally gave up the ghost.

It was way to warm for us as bam it was in the 70's. The last couple of days it has been in the 40's and we had snow and an ice storm last night.

By Monday it's supposed to be back in the mid 70's again. We're either freezing or roasting.

Dave put this together today for the new turkey and x-rock chicks we will get on the 19th of April.

I had a bad headache so I was lying down and wasn't much help. He did a great job. All I could help with was the finishing touches. We even made a step on the outside and the inside to help getting in and out.

I had to redo the book covers on here as After The Dying Time I and II, the publisher changed the covers. :)