Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snows Been Melting

Been a while since I got to post here.

I caught something a couple of months back and it has been tough to feel better again. I think I am on the road recovery. I best be I am getting tired of this lol.

DH is off to activities tonight as March his his month to be in charge.

Taxes are finished and we had to pay into the state enough but not as bad as last year. One has to pay on your social security if you worked over a certain amount and he didn't retire until last April, so we had to pay.  Ack.

The snow is melting well here, only the tallest of the drifts remain. We received about a 1/2 inch of new snow last night but is almost gone now.

I just found we are out of things like onion powder, I found I hadn't kept track and let us run out, only been like 6 years since I bought some. I know it's not a real necessity but I like having it around as DH prefers it to pieces of onion.

No recipes this time. Will put some more up next time.

This is before the snow started to melt.

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  1. glad you are getting better! it's about 60 here today :) daffodils have been up a few weeks now and the tulips are beginning to show themselves.


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