Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A new Year 2016

Here we are 2016 wow. I remember being a child in 1962 and the teacher asking how old we were going to be in the year 2000. I thought OH GADS I will be an old lady 36 lol. Now look its is another 16 years passed that.

Youngest son Kh. made the honor roll at College. 

We just got all the Christmas stuff down and put away in the barn. Dh had to plow his way to the barn to get to the door they go in. The living room is rearranged. Well, as much as possible with our small room and set up.

The wood rack is filled for another two weeks, feed in the chicken barrels up in the coop and a few other odd things that needed done. Oh, and the neighbors snowmobile is freed from its four foot deep snow bank. Dave took the tractor to dig his way to it so they could pull it out to the road from an upper field.

My second book to After The Dying Time Book Two: To Catch A Wild Rose is now up on Amazon, both as a kindle and a paperback. :) After The Dying Time Two Book Two:Gray's Heart.
If you would like to take a look.
Book Two:Gray's Heart, link

Just click on the above link. It was very nice to see it was up when our internet came back. It was down from the 1st to last night the 4th of Jan. Really puts a crimp in one's style when you can't conduct any business or get emails and send them.
 This was our tree after we got it up and decorated :)
I caught the fog rolling in about a week ago. Which made for some very heavy frost the next morning.

My good friend Pat in Texas just lost her husband of 45 years yesterday. Massive heart attack :(. Our deep condolences Pat to you and the family.

Food Storage Wise:
Time to look over what you have and see if there are any holes in your foods. 
Things you used up over the holidays and etc. I know we did.
I found I hadn't bought Velveeta for around a year. I put it foodsaver bags and freeze.
DJ and his two teens were here the 26th and a few days after and he made grilled cheese sandwiches one night and dh only found one frozen velveeta in the freezer.


  1. time to restock the velveeta? lol! I didn't know one could freeze that stuff. :)

  2. It can be a little funny, but you can also can it.

  3. I need more books to read! Cannot wait until you finish them.


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