Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snow, Sleet. Rain, Ice, Mud

Yep, we have gone from -2 to this week in the low 40's and melted to mud. We have had, lots of snow, sleet, ice and now dogs wallowing in mud. It is supposed to snow again starting tomorrow. Next week we will be back to the 20's for highs.

We have been trying to figure out what to do for family members this Christmas and we think we have got that on the go. Now have to mail some things out.

We found the all the Christmas boxes and have to put a tree up yet. We have been setting out our decorations. I think we will get a fresh tree from our woods.

I ended up with some kind of infection in my left eye and woke up with fluid all around my eye and swollen. Been using warm and cold compresses on it. At least it isn't hurting like it did yesterday. A great relief. I just hope it doesn't go into my right eye, which is starting to feel funny tonight. ACK.

Christmas recipes:

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  1. Hi Sally,
    I just found your blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's 12:22 am (Pacific Northwest) so I best head to bed. I will be back later today to read more.
    I wanted to make sure that I let you know how beautiful your crafts are. I love to crochet and garden. You're a woman of many talents.
    Thanks for all the neat pictures of your Country Home and all the doin's going on.
    You really have a nice blog!


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