Monday, November 30, 2015

Are We Ready Yet, Nope

Hello everyone,

Just thinking about this last of the year and how quickly the first 11 months whooshed past. Here we have just finished Thanksgiving, again. And no we are not ready for Christmas yet.  Still just thinking about what needs accomplished.

Our Thanksgiving Day was held down in the valley at son and daughter in laws, J and J's with their two little ones. All together there were 17 of us including my mother who is a great and great, great grandmother. We had four generations represented at the tables. A couple were missing when the picture taking was happening, they were up and about, son Jo for one.
Daughter on top left Ch and her fiance Ath just got engaged like 2 weeks ago. He will be a great addition to our family and we hope us to his.

Hello new family to be in Alabama.

We sure missed those who were unable to come this year but we know it always doesn't work out. Some had to work and others had priorities or live far away. We do miss all of our remaining children being together with us once in awhile.

The 28th of November was our daughter Tanya's birthday, she would have been 43. We miss you.
Hope all you folks are doing better than us at your Christmas preparations. My major part is keeping the love we have for one another and healing any bridges that need so.

Friday, November 13, 2015

We were snowed on. Dry spell Broken.

Yesssss, we are now wet. We even had some snow.

But wet at this time of year makes mud as it doesn't stay frozen. The dogs become wet muddy messes. Lily loves to wallow in her two holes she has made in the back yard.

We have also been burning the slash piles, as we are allowed to at this time of year and things being so wet.

Not to much else going on up here. Oh the potatoes are all out of the ground and stored away for the winter, We ended up with 300 plus pounds. With plenty to eat and save for seed potatoes next spring.

Here are Lilli and Bear while still clean :).

We are getting in gear to think about the Holiday's, Thanksgiving will be at a son and daughter in laws house J and J, down in Lewiston. We are bringing the last Turkey we raised that is 48 pounds. Don't know what else yet. But that one is a for sure.

All take care and stay warm and dry.