Thursday, September 17, 2015

Potatoes and Rain

We received some rain this morning in our area, was wonderful to see. We have dug up about 75 lbs of potatoes but still have 5 more 50 foot rows to go. We grew Red Patomics, Goldens and Blues.

That was going to be today's chore but we gladly are taking the rain instead :).

Our daughter C is here safe after driving pretty much straight through from Northern Virginia earlier this week and has already been job hunting and got a job. She is living here for the time being.

We are also babysitting a grandsons dog and Bear who has lived here before is doing just fine.

We have another couple of loads of wood in the woodshed from trees on our property and it doesn't look good for getting back in the forest to cut wood. They are saying if the area doesn't get a good amount of rain to put the fires out that the fires in Umatilla National forest would burn well into October.

The south fence is finished except for putting the ties on a few t-posts and then it is on to another side.

We are just trying to get as much finished as possible while the weather is still good and before the snow flies.

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