Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last of the snow maybe?

We may have seen the last of the snow for the year. This was a 4 or 5 days ago.

Since then we have even had daffodils popping out.
The tree trimmer from the electric company came in to start on one of our trees that is leaning towards the lines. He said he would be back with the big truck to take that top part off.
he also took down some of the branches that were overhanging the lines to the house and found a big part of that mountain maple is rotten. :( We are hoping we can take the rotten part off without taking all of the tree down. It really helps shade the house in the summer. 
Hubby started to get it cleared out of our yard. Something extra to do of course. There is also a whole lot of big branches around that back pine to take care of.

And of course my almost two decades wash machine died this past Saturday. Today I had to hand wash a few things and dh helped wring them out and hang them up. You can only go so long without washing under things. We have a new wash machine coming but it will be two weeks or more. I was shocked at the prices they are now, eeeeek.
Good thing we don't have to pay for it all at once or I would be washing clothes by hand all summer.

We got more beans taken out of the dry pods a couple days ago to. These are the yellow eyes I did last week.
The corn is a done deal also. :) I have some Indian sweet corn in the bucket as well.

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