Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prep in the Way of Shots

I am getting ready to go to town. We had TB tests a couple days ago and I have to go into town to get it read. Dh will meet me there to do the same.

We will also be getting our shingles and Hep A shots today. We are doing this to prepare to go on a Mission, but it is also a good idea for other reasons. Like (ahum) I hadn't had a Tetanus shot since grade school, so a very good idea to have gotten that lol. Also got the pneumonia shot and Hep B. Same for dh, he didn't remember the last time he had a Tetanus and since he had shingles over a year ago the doc said he should go ahead and get the shot to lessen the severity of them if he gets them again.

We still have a bit of snow and ice out there. The wind has been blowing gang busters since yesterday and blowing the frost off the trees and the snow around out there. Right now it is 26 degrees and I let the chickens out about 30 minutes ago, they came out in a rush and by the time I was back in the house they were all back inside the coop.

We are going to have a little warm up. Enough to bring rain/snow and then rain. Just so it doesn't turn cold enough to have another ice field outside.

We have been having some of my pictures printed out (inexpensive at Costco) we found frames at the second hand stores and have them framed and up on the walls. :). I wanted to show you how they turned out.

You can click on the pics to make them bigger.

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  1. Pics are really nice. As for your shots ... get all that you need. Whether you are working inner urban environment here in the US or urban or rural outside the US all of those you mentioned are a good safety measure. My dad used to work the mission field ... primarily in Honduras ... and the medical facilities just are not the same as here in the US. And accidents can and do happen. One trip my dad got nipped by a chain saw. The only medical they had for the two weeks they were in the jungle was a veterinary nurse. I mean she was good but it was a "thank you Jesus" moment that he had all his shots.


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