Friday, December 26, 2014

Wonderful Christmas

We held our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve per normal. Quite a few of our children and grands were able to attend but we sure missed the ones who were unable to do so. Hopefully some time in the future we can get everyone together again before any more of us step into eternity.
Our great grand came up with her grandma our daughter C. Little ones move so quickly it's hard to get a good pic at times lol.

The little ones table

Overflow table

Main table

Dj and his two teens left this morning to get home to their own beds and their pets. He called to say they got home safely and all were well. Plenty of food and water was left for them. They most likely thought they were having a nice couple of days vacation from their pet humans.

I made some family history books and they turned out great here is a pic of one of them. I included pictures of them, dh as a boy with his parents and the same for me and pictures of ancestors. Also included the names of the 9 Mayflower ancestors kids are descended from. As well of information of John Rolfe and Jane Pierce and their daughter (whose first wife was Pocahontas.) 
Found S's wife J is a descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolfe through their only son Thomas. Then like just under 800 pedigree sheets going back to around 1200 AD. 21 generations.
I started all this a couple of months ago.

There should be quite a few things on sale about now. Canned goods used only at Christmas time that you can buy and store for next year. Also warm clothing will be on sale soon to get ready for spring and summer clothing. Even if you an only afford a few things it is better than nothing.

Happy New Year one and all.

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