Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lap top back put still funny

Yes I got it back, but it still has problems. Not fun that's for sure.

Nine year old grandson in AZ had his new chained up bike stolen this last week, the thieves just cut the chain on the school grounds and made off with it :(.

We have had extreme cold front change to another warm up the last few days, the snow has melted off and now we have a layer of mud over frozen ground and boy isn't that fun in the farm yard, NOT.

The warm front brought a ton of rain along with it. Not today but for the remainder of the week again. We had another fall like this and it is so hard to keep the heat regulated in the house.

Kay ended up with the flu but was home with her mom when it hit and Dave has a bad cold after having a short term health problem two weeks ago.

I have been doing a whole lot of sewing and also trying to figure out what to get others for Christmas on a shortened budget. Here are a couple of the aprons.
I also got some llama wool washed but it still needs carded and spun.

We went and got some pictures of a couple of the old old places that are close.

Dh also helped sell off extra food storage some dear friends needed to have gone, as they couldn't take it all with them when they moved from our area. We sure will miss them. Just a few of the full buckets.


  1. Those pictures would make gorgeous prints for someone's home.

  2. Nice pictures! I have a question. How did you wash the llama wool without it felting?

  3. Oh it soaks in the soaps and I let the water spin out the washer, move the wool over so the water going back in the washer doesn't get bothered and do that a couple more times or until it is as clean as I would like, then do the same with the rinse water. The spinning doesn't bother it.


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