Thursday, September 4, 2014

Roof is all Shingled

As of today the roof is all re-shingled, new metal striping and etc. on. Dh worked hard to get it finished. He took a few days vacation to get the last of it done. Roof cap going on.
 The deck is all supported, fixed and deck-overed and ready for winter. The wood rack will be moved out there to give us more room on the front porch.

Leaves are turning already.

Also as of 2 September 2014 my 3rd cousins husband Ira passed. He will be missed greatly. I was blessed enough to get to know him and my cousins the last four years. He did so much of the writing to me the first year I found them.

Storage and Kits:
Time to get those winter car kits looked through again and ready to put back in your vehicles. Looks like fall is hitting some of us earlier then others.


  1. Good old fashioned Bottle Jacks !

    1. Aren't bottle jacks great and always work for odd jobs.

  2. Stupendous job on the re-roof. The caps are truly lovely. I've seen a few jobs where that's not done right and it winds up messing up the rest of the work. And new flashing is always a good idea if it has been a while since a reroof.

    1. Yes dh is a stickler for a job well done, he hates to have things not done right. He isn't as big a perfectionist as he was many years ago. I told him he only knows the places that aren't just right. Old roof odd angles etc.


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