Friday, September 19, 2014

More Canning and now Indian Summer

Making apple marmalade today. Dave cut up the apples and the lemons. He is headed off to the Temple in Spokane in a bit. We also canned up the other box of peaches this morning. 

I got the potatoes put away we had drying in the sun, we still have over half of them to dig yet. Being in a Indian Summer will help us get the others dried before they are stored away in pine shavings for eating and seed potatoes next spring.

Speaking of storage. I just looked around and found I needed to purchase more products for cleaning. I have gone a very long time without buying some of these. Some of these are great for natural cleaners. The rest for making sure germs are not lurking around. Always good to have a few boxes and bottles of these.
Baking soda in large bags: everything from putting in with clothes in the wash to brushing your teeth.
Washing soda
Pinesole: ants hate this product

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