Saturday, August 9, 2014

Great recipes & stories also

This lady is such a hard worker, plus takes the time to post her recipes and writes up a storm as her time permits. She has some great ones of all the above. Well there all great, lol. There is a link to her stories on her pages.

KathyinFL recipes

I was finally able to get our family recipes book up on Amazon. I am hoping to add a book with recipes from many cousins next year.

Our Special Family Recipes

Dave has been making progress on the roof but had to stop before he put a ridge cap on the bedroom section. We talked and decided it was best to go get so zinc strips and put them up to stop the moss problem on the roof we have up here.
He also got up some of the 2x6's for the roof over the deck.

Fire on the ridge, across the fields and river from us. Waha
Quite a few people lost their homes. Yesterday the smoke was billowing a lot but seemed more under control later in the day. Today there is just a hint of smoke in the air. I can't see this mountain side form our house as we are down in a valley. Have to go up on the road to do so.


  1. that fire would scare the crap out of me! ya'all be careful!

  2. Fire is the one thing that scares me also. The destruction it leaves behind is so complete and the idea of starting over from absolute scratch just feels me with pain ... losing so much that is physically irreplaceable like pictures and heirlooms. On the other hand we've seen that fire can serve a necessary purpose.

    Years ago, the summer after some truly horrible fires at Yellowstone when the forestry service still exclusively practiced fire suppression in the park, we visited that area of the country. It was our second to the park and the difference and devastation we saw was to our eyes truly heartbreaking. Then a couple of years later we went to Yellowstone National Park for a third time and were amazed that even though the "devastation" was still visible, growing amongst it were lots of eager and healthy baby trees. We've been to Yellowstone a couple of times since and have come to understand that fire serves a purpose for the land. And hopefully those that lost their homes in this fire will have "new growth" appear in their lives as well as the devastation of the old is eventually washed away.

  3. Native Americans use to practice "controlled burns" (some of them) and the burns would do a LOT of good. It got rid of old dry wood that piles up under trees and encourages fresh herbaceous plants to grow which brings in the wildlife. In several AR we have controlled burns in many of our forests: both state and federal lands. And the state works with private land owners too.

    It's pretty cool, they shoot ping-pong balls full of accelerate out of helicopters. They burn very small areas, like from less than an acre to five/ten at a time.

    I've toured areas where burns were done and some where they weren't (purposely so that people CAN LITERALLY see the differences) and those that WERE done were way more populated by wildlife and you could actually walk through it also.

  4. LOL! wish I could edit that comment. it should read: In AR, we have several controlled burns in many of our forest.....

    bad dyslexia, bad lol

  5. I guess wooden houses are cheaper to rebuild after a fire or tornado. We have neither in the U.K but we do have floods


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