Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting There and a Cold Morning

It is 44 degrees this morning.

K making herself a bird house.

 This ended up being the tool I got to use up on a ladder. A joist straightener.

 We need to put the flashing on and then the last row of shingles and the deck roof will be finished.
The roof over our bedroom is all done, yayyyyyy.

This will be the hard one. I don't think you can see the dip in the roof in this pic but this is the one that has to be taken down to the rafters.
Here's a look at our turkeys. They have the run of the place. Our grand girl was in the chicken yard picking up one of her Top hat chickens and the turkeys were watching through the fence and acted like they didn't like it, lol. They kept close watch.

How to Make “Magic Mix” for Homemade “Cream of” Soups, Puddings, Sauces, and More!

How to make Magic Mix link. 



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Great recipes & stories also

This lady is such a hard worker, plus takes the time to post her recipes and writes up a storm as her time permits. She has some great ones of all the above. Well there all great, lol. There is a link to her stories on her pages.

KathyinFL recipes

I was finally able to get our family recipes book up on Amazon. I am hoping to add a book with recipes from many cousins next year.

Our Special Family Recipes

Dave has been making progress on the roof but had to stop before he put a ridge cap on the bedroom section. We talked and decided it was best to go get so zinc strips and put them up to stop the moss problem on the roof we have up here.
He also got up some of the 2x6's for the roof over the deck.

Fire on the ridge, across the fields and river from us. Waha
Quite a few people lost their homes. Yesterday the smoke was billowing a lot but seemed more under control later in the day. Today there is just a hint of smoke in the air. I can't see this mountain side form our house as we are down in a valley. Have to go up on the road to do so.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Progress on the roof

A bit of progress anyway. Took us a few hours to get another part of the roof ready to be shingled. Hubby is working on it almost every spare minute he has.

I helped cut the quick start and stand on a ladder and hold the edging, fascia board and etc while he fastens it to the roof edge.

 Our daughter has been busy sewing a Cos-play outfit for a room mate of one of our grandsons. Almost finished. :)
Here is a great article on:  What you need to know about Lice.
Never a fun subject. It always makes me go ick, ick.
I have fought that fight a few times. NOT FUN.

Growing up I never had them, none of my friends had them or anyone I went to school with. But that isn't the case anymore. 
If family members are chemical sensitive find some natural ones that work. 
Be careful with the chemical ones because I feel the chemical ones made two of my daughters chemical sensitive. But this article has a lot of great advise and information.

My books:
I managed finally to get my books up on Amazon kindle :). 

Ruby's Time Out

Down the Hole

After the Dying Time

Gray's Heart After the Dying Time II

Shaken Sari

Seeing the Fire

Our Changed World

The Empty Plains

An Unexpected Life