Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Working Vacation

Dear hubby toke a weeks worth of vacation. He is up on the roof building a new roof section onto the kitchen, bathroom and back porch part of the house. The original area was a back porch and sometime say the 50's it was turned into a kitchen and indoor bathroom and a 4x6 back porch added on out the back door. They didn't bother to put a new roof on so all that was above our heads was drywall board, porch roof plywood and then shingles. Always got the coldest in the winter and hottest in the summer. This should help immensely.

Of course this is the hottest weather we have had all spring and summer. Supposed to be 90 or more today and we never even got to the 90's the last three summers.

The rest of the roof will be re-shingled sometime later this month. There were three layers of shingles on the kitchen/bath area to take off.

Last Saturday one of our older boys was here,lol boys he is 35 :) ans his son A was here and helped reattach the deck to the house and get it jacked back up where it belonged first.
They also helped haul the gazebo frame down into the yard and hubby and I got it covered Monday night.
Large or small gardens.

I hope lots of you are trying to at least grow something in pots and buckets if you have no room for very much else. I know people who are growing things like cucumbers in pots and children's swimming pools for squash, potatoes and other things. Lettuce and spinach can be grown in almost anything.

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  1. My hubby built me a greenhouse this year. I am so ever thankful for it. I am growing tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, and cantaloupe in old water troughs, five gallon pails, old plant pots, anything I could get my hands on. Bit by bit, it will be finished inside. Either way, I am still growing vegs in it.


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