Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yay Rain

Yes it rained during the night and is still raining this morning and we're happy to get it and so is the garden.

Our poultry are all doing well and the turkeys love their outdoor area. We have to close them in at night also to make sure they don't become dinner for some of the local wild life.
It has been 60's and 70's temperature wise this week but back to 80 plus next week. So hard to get used to what it's like outside when it flip flops so much. But this cool front brought rain so I'll take it :).

Our wild roses are blooming like crazy and the bees are having a hay day. I think I scared a few bees off trying to take their pictures.


  1. I'll take those 60-70 degree days! It was in the high 80's here yesterday. Actually it was 89. Close enough to 90 for me.
    One thing I love about where we live now is that summer is only a season, not a way of life! hehehe

  2. I guess the turkeys will be fully grown by Christmas ....


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