Friday, June 20, 2014

Help is Great

Our son DJ was here for a couple of days. Grand daughter MJ joined him and even babysat for 2 or 3 hours last Saturday while we went into town to buy caulk to do the rest of windows that were being put in. We now have all the main floor windows in :). Out goes the old.

DJ help put the chicken netting on top of the meat bird yard. Now they can be out without fearing them being taken off with by Hawks and eagles. Even dh can walk under this.

Tomorrow we're supposed to fix up the area for the turkey's so they can be outside also.

I"m still trying to get over this stupid cold, it keeps hanging on.

We had several days of 40's and 50's and now we're back to 70's. With around 80 by Monday. So hard to get used to anything temperature wise.

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  1. Wow, your weather is savage. One extreme to the other. Not sure I could cope with it, but I guess its more predictable than in the U.K


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