Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winters Last Gasp (I Hope)

It decided to snow on us May 10th. But I also see that Colorado got dumped on big time. Very normal for there also. We lived for quite a few years not far from Denver and it was not unusual to get snows in May at all. We just got a dusting which is less then some years at this time.
That is also the day dear hubby needed to change the breaks on our small Nissan truck. Had to be done as they were down to the nubbins. So he got snowed on, hailed on, rained on and snowed on again.

Daughter T and my mom came up yesterday and brought a plague with the Birthdays of all the kids, grand kids and the 1 great grand hanging from it :). We found out our youngest sons K and his wife A are having a girl and naming her Eleanor after her mom who passed away many years ago from cancer.

Most of our new chicks are here, hubby will be picking up 36 Leghorns tonight. The Cornish X-rocks and the turkeys are in the chick pen in the barn and doing great.

I discovered the first tick of the season on me last night after we (hubby grand girl and I) took a walk in the woods. No one else had picked one up. 
This morning the cat got a new flea/tick collar and the two dogs got tick guard squirted down their backs. 
Note to self put more tick products for the animals back in storage. (These were the last)

Products for us: For tick and other insect problems make sure it has deet in it. Also look up and make do it yourself products for this problem if you can't stand chemicals on you like deet and etc.
Here are a few links.


This one tells what repels ticks also.

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  1. Oh Girl, you are NOT (well maybe you will) going to believe what I thought you said about what your daugher T had brought you. I was thinking Dengi fevor or some such plague! lolll
    I need to talk to you sometime about your meat birds as I've got all sorts of things I am sure you have the answer too. Thank goodness though that Springs about here. We've been fighting ticks for what seems like forever around here. I blame it on the cats!
    Take care,


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