Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Wow

I guess full spring is here with us. We haven't had a freeze in almost 2 weeks and it looks like the lilacs will bloom in a few days. Even the Washington Hawthorn is going to bloom this week which usually doesn't until in June.

The poultry are all growing well and next weekend the meat birds will be moved to their new house and yard. The layer chicks will have the board taken down that keeps them in a smaller area in the coop as they are starting to fly to the top of their waterers and etc. Don't want one to fly out and not be able to get back in to the warmer area.

The garden area is all tilled and waiting for plants and seeds. We were hoping to have planted already but sometimes that just doesn't work out as we want. The last few weeks it has been way to wet and so its till now and we need a evening free to plant.

We did pick up some tomato plants this week to get a head start on those.

I cut rhubarb and made some rhubarb and rhubarb strawberry sweet stew/sauce that I canned up. (Frozen strawberries).

The spinach we let go to seed last fall is doing great in its area and I have been eating spinach for almost 2 weeks now and asparagus from the garden. We have blossoms on our fruit trees and may even get some this year :).

We didn't want to go to the expense but things that have to be done; just have to be. And that's stripping the roof fixing the slope in it on the west side and putting new shingles on it. Along with replacing the rotten fascia board, putting fascia board where none has ever been or at least gone for 50 or more years. So one very BIG project this summer. We needed all this done for at least 5 years now and it can't be put off any longer if we want a good roof for the coming winter.

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